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diptyque Christmas Collection

This Christmas, diptyque, in collaboration with Pierre Marie, takes you on a journey to the eternally snow-covered lands of the North to uncover its secret.

Legend has it, this secret can only be revealed if an ancient and mysterious rite invoking three spirits by candlelight were performed in exactly the right way.

And so, on the longest night of the year, three travelled meet to embark on a quest to obtain the magical knowledge that would finally let them uncover the polar mystery. They formed a circle in the night and, one after the other, each lit a candle and placed it at their feet.

A glaring light shone upon them, and a large Golden Compass appeared before them. Holding their breath, the travellers joining their hands to the millennium object; they knew that they had only before the first light of day to make a wish.

Discover the magic at diptyque boutique, B1-33A.