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Angus House

Take your pick from Angus Houses unque menu of American and Italian cuisines delicately infused with Japanese flavours and styles. Try their succulent Charcoal Grilled Beef Steak done to perfection with Japanese homemade sauce and served on a sizzling hotplate. Beside steak, you will find a selection of spaghettis with authentic Italian sauces or Japanese style toppings. Home made breads; cakes and pastries are freshly baked everyday. Sit back and let your taste buds be titillated by the extraordinary flavors you will be treated to. Be your own chef by having their Yakiniku grill (Japanese BBQ), prefect your beef or seafood at your own preference and master the art of grilling.

6735 6015, 6735 6016 


Beyond Fruit

Beyond Fruit is a cosmopolitan café chain that focuses on fusing the nutritious potency of super fruits with our delectable selection of everyday desserts and beverages. From the breadth and depth of the taste to the sophisticated layering of texture, each of our gastronomical delights are artfully crafted as a testament to our mantra “a new addictive way to eat fruits”.


café Q classified

café Q classified – a place where you are served the extraordinary culinary creativity with a twist. Our special lingo unique to the Q Classified community – WWS1WSA #where we serve 1, we serve all.

6235 8812



Come to Cellarbration now for your one stop alcohol shopping experience, widest range of wines, spirits and beer available in store.



CHICHA San Chen (吃茶三千) was founded in 1998 with a mission to make high-quality freshly brewed teas accessible to discerning tea drinkers. Every cup is brewed to order, poured with passion and served with love.


Closed for Renovation


COCA was derived from the Chinese word “kekou” meaning “appetising”. Since 1957, COCA Restaurant has lived up to its name by offering delectable Thai-style steamboat specialties with only the freshest and finest ingredients. Combined with our all-natural COCA sauce, the healthy goodness of COCA steamboat dining makes this an experience of pure delight. We believe that one of the most important reasons for COCA’s success is our commitment to quality; picking only the finest ingredients and the freshest “in-season” vegetables, meat and seafood. Our home-made COCA sauce, created in 1957 by the founder’s wife, Mrs. Patama from her very own special recipe. The all-natural COCA sauce offers a delicate yet sumptuous combination of flavours that complement the COCA steamboat specialties.

6734 7887 | 11.15am – 10.30pm daily

Website | Email

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen 

Nourish your soul with the heart-warming flavours of Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen. All your Cantonese favourites lovingly prepared by our stella team of chefs. Signature dim sums, classic congee, roasted delicacies and sizzling wok-specialities will transport you to the flavours of home. Relax and reconnect with family and friends in the vibrantly modern ambiance, inspired by traditional kitchen… the heart of every Chinese home.

8368 9008

Monday to Saturday 11am – 10.30pm
Sunday & Public Holidays 10am – 10.30pm


Crystal Jade Palace

This is where the store of Crystal Jade began 24 years ago. A single restaurant with an unwavering devotion to quality and a deep respect for the rich traditions of Chinese cuisine. Today the name Crystal Jade Palace is synonymous with iconic award-winning food, rooted in Cantonese culinary culture. Our expert chefs create classic Chinese dishes with masterful skill and quality ingredients. The wonderful food is matched by a beautifully rich ambiance, layered with Chinese cultural tradition and surprising modern details. 

9017 5423 / 9177 1971

Monday to Friday 11.30 am – 3pm & 6pm – 10:30pm
Saturday 11am – 10.30pm
Sunday & Public Holidays 10am – 10.30pm


Cupping Room Coffee Roasters

Cupping Room Coffee Roasters is an award-winning small batch specialty coffee roastery located in Hong Kong. We source and roast like for competitions, so you can Brew Like a Champ! Learn more about our philosophy at

10am to 8pm daily

Website | Email

DRIPS (EST 2010) Bakery Cafe

Drips Bakery Café is an artisanal café, established since 2010 in the heart of Tiong Bahru. For the past decade, we are committed to delivering the best epicurean experience with the finest ingredients and exotic fruits sourced from around the world.

6208 0800 | 8am to 9pm daily

Website | Email

Dulcet & Studio

Looking for a cake for an occasion or just for personal purposes? Our Dulcet & Studio cafe are the perfect place for a pit stop. All our cakes and desserts are freshly made every morning, using only the finest ingredients made by our pastry chef. So whether you are craving for some sweet treats or to send a gift to someone special, we have it all at Dulcet & Studio. 

 6235 2318 | 11am to 9pm daily


One of Japan’s most beloved and iconic pancake chains, FLIPPER’S is an internationally-acclaimed brand with outlets in New York, Hong Kong and Taiwan to Seoul. FLIPPER’S is arguably one of Japan’s most renowned soufflé pancake chains offering its signature rendition of utterly fluffy, pillow-soft, and melt-in-the-mouth pancakes created with artisanal precision. 

Website | Email

Genki Sushi

Fancy having your food delivered via the kousoku train system? Check out our brand new interior concept and a whole new dining experience at our Flagship Store! We have created some 13 special dishes and 4 new desserts, especially for this store.

6957 2730 | 11:30am to 10pm daily (last order at 9:30pm)


Hanare by Takayama

Hanare by Takayama is award-winning Chef Taro Takayama’s newest concept, featuring traditional and homey dishes that highlight seasonality-driven and exquisite ingredients in a welcoming and contemporary approach.

Come and try our signature dish, Kamameshis, a speciality mixed rice cooked in a traditional individual iron pot and prepared with seasonal produce for a vibrant, flavourful, and nutritious meal for your enjoyment. 


8298 9369 | 12pm to 10pm daily

Hazuki Kaiseki

Hidden in plain sight is an oasis of calm in the form of brand new kappo restaurant, Hazuki. Helmed by kappo chef Kenta Yamauchi, formerly of Michelin-starred Gion Fukushi in Kyoto, the discreet 12-seat dining room is a tranquil stage for an evolving menu deeply rooted in Kyoto-style kappo traditions, yet with a contemporary, cosmopolitan flourish.


6893 1555 

Heavenly Wang

Heavenly Wang at Takashimaya Shopping Centre offers our patrons a modern & comfortable dining ambience while they enjoy the authentic local favourite delights. Incorporating the nostalgic coffeeshop design elements of the 60s, we aim to transport our diners back to the past without compromising on their dining comfort. Combining both communal high table with sofa setting alfresco area, this café offers our patrons a perfect venue to catch up with friends or loved ones while sipping on an aromatic cup of local brew or enjoying over a bowl hot pipping Laksa.  

Monday to Friday 730am – 10pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 830am – 10pm



Hvala is a modern teahouse focusing on the depth and breadth of Japanese teas, all of which are carefully curated and delicately brewed for the best flavour. We work closely with our partner farm in Japan not only to ensure the consistent quality of tea, but also to experiment with different tea types and processing techniques.

Our spaces are designed to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, for people to gather and have meaningful conversations over tea and desserts.

Website | Email

Imperial Treasure Fine Shanghai Cuisine

The refined classic Shanghai Cuisine, with the twist of modern blend. Its flavorful and elegance in decoration will savor all your senses.

6836 6909 

Monday to Friday 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm
Saturday 11am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm
Sunday & Public Holidays 10.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm


KOI The Express

KOI is the only choice for Original Taiwan Bubble Milk Tea. Originating from Taiwan, the natural ingredients go through a detailed process at every stage, until they are placed into the hands of the customers as a cool, refreshing drink. We promise the best hand-shaking drink for you. The Key of Inspiration is KOI.

6815 5488 | 10am to 9:30pm daily

Ma Maison

Ma Maison means “MY HOME” in French. Ma Maison is a place where you and your friends, family or loved ones will enjoy original home recipes and warm hospitality. The restaurant ambience will make you feel at home. Ma Maison offers Japanese Western meals and is well known for its Hamburger Steak, Omu-Rice, Tonkatsu, Pasta and Home-made Fruit  Tarts.

6734 4425

Lunch 11am – 3pm
Drinks & Dessert 3pm – 5pm
Dinner 5pm – 9.30pm



From the start and at the very core, we focus on great tasting products while redefining flavor and textures that everyone will enjoy. As a responsible company, we maintain our principles of sourcing for small-batch, artisanal tea grown by passionate tea farmers that eat, drink and sleep tea, no less.

Our only core value is people and its derivatives – craftsmanship, passion and connections.

6980 6577 | 10am to 10pm daily


MOS Café

The tiniest details matter when it comes to crafting the perfect meal. Here at MOS CAFÉ, all our wholesome dishes are made from the freshest vegetables and fruits, so you can indulge in truly good food that makes you feel great.

6734 7316 | 10am to 10pm daily


Mrs Pho House

Mrs Pho is a tribute to all the Vietnamese mothers, grandmothers and aunties we affectionately crown best cook. Authentic, fast-casual, and affordable. A place where we feed you like family.

9666 1357  | 11.30am to 3pm & 5.30pm to 10pm daily


Paradise Teochew Restaurant

Paradise Teochew Restaurant presents authentic Teochew cuisine all-day and exquisite H.K. dim sum during lunch in the heart of Orchard Road. Located at Takashimaya, the Teochew restaurant embraces the roots of Teochew cuisine with an emphasis on natural flavours, light seasonings and fresh ingredients in its preparation of traditional cooking techniques. 

6805 8994

Monday to Friday 11.00am – 3.00pm & 6.00pm – 10.30pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 10.00am – 3.30pm, 6.00pm – 10.30pm



PAUL, a French Family Bakery & Patisserie since 1889, offer a selection of country-style and fancy bread, viennoiserie (croissants, etc.) pastries, cakes and desserts, snacks and sandwiches. The bakery restaurant also offers a range of French dishes: from savory and sweet pastries, a selection of French pancakes, to traditional French fare, a selection of salads, and more, all prepared on the premises. It is the perfect stop for a lunch break, dinner date, or a casual gathering with friends and family. All of the products offered by PAUL are prepared to the same high standards which have made French bread famous the world over. 

6836 5932

Monday to Thursday, Sunday 9.00am – 10pm
Friday and Saturday 9.00am – 11pm

Sunday to Thursday 9am to 9.30pm
Friday to Saturday 9am to 10.30pm


An urban rustic haven is made for the digital nomads by day and a charming cosy café by night. Aimed to provide sanctuary for social gatherings and for lazy lunches. Built in with a thoughtfully design retail alley, PAZZION  café offers binary concierge services for customers to shop with ease.

Experience a holistic lifestyle, the here and now.

6876 9141

Website | Email


Project Aҫaí

Project Açaí serves guilt-free açaí bowls, with fruits and superfood toppings. If thirst quenchers are more your thing, try our delicious, power-packed açaí smoothies. We are a dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan-friendly and gluten-free friendly cafe.

10am – 9.30pm daily



SunnyHills created the shape and recipe of the Iconic Taiwan pineapple cakes, made from ingredients found in the cupboard of a farmhouse kitchen. Pure without additives, this is what sunshine tastes like if it were a cake.

8522 9605


TAG Espresso

A deluxe coffee concept that incorporates the spirit of expressiveness and high-quality coffee. Taking on the identity to provide consumers the possibility of enjoying quality coffee wherever they are, TAG Espresso inspires the courage and fun of expressing, in coffee drinks and everyday living. With an impressive product range of unique on-the-go coffee capsules, TAG Espresso stands by standards for quality craftsmanship, lush spaces inspired to make customers feel exceptional, simply through a cup of coffee. Come taste the coffee that you truly deserve. 




A pioneer of Kurobuta, Japanese managed family dining restaurant believes in using the best quality ingredients. Offering authentic Japanese cuisine in a contemporary way, indulge over 200 types of dishes.

6235 2318 | 11am – 10pm daily 



Tampopo Grand Sushi & Shabu Shabu

The premium brand of Tampopo Group. We pride ourselves on the highest ingredients from various parts of the world, especially Japan. Specialise in Kurobuta Shabu Shabu and set for lunch & dinner.

6735 2959

Monday to Friday 11am – 3pm & 6pm – 10.30pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays 11am – 10.30pm


The Dark Gallery

The Dark Gallery at Takashimaya Shopping Centre is an artisanal dark chocolate boutique cafe that offers up tempting plates centred around Single Origin dark chocolates. Other than that, it will showcase a range of single origin coffee beans from Singapore famed roastery, Common Man Coffee Roasters, Melbourne’s Padre and Japan’s Fuglen Tokyo Roastery. The first in Singapore to adopt the Modbar system, the cafe will be pairing a Single Origin pour-over coffee that is brewed to precision, with the latter to give a well-balanced and complex dessert platter. You can also expect a more comprehensive menu, with the addition of more pastries; both sweet and savoury.

6935 2603 | 10am to 9.30pm daily



Since 1993 Tonkichi have been serving authentic Japanese Tonkatsu to customers. Enjoy Tonkatsu made from scratch, each bite will experience it’s tender juicy taste fully satisfied to the last.

6735 7522

Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodle 蔦 

World’s First Michelin Ramen restaurant by Chef Yuki Onishi. Driven by his ambitious desire to create truly original flavours, Chef Yuki Onishi sought to redefine the classic ramen experience; without any artificial components or MSG.

9666 3768

Website | Email


Serving you authentic Japanese grilled-eel at Unazen. Their unagi are made with premium young Japanese eels that is less than 1 years old and its nicely grilled with a crispy outside and juicy tender meat from the inside.

6235 2315 | 11am – 3pm & 5pm – 9pm daily

Website | Email

Vanda Botanical Desserts

Vanda Botanical Desserts explores the unique harmony of botanical gelato flavours, crafted with authenticity by Italian Chef Loris Massimini using traditional gelato-making techniques and natural ingredients made from scratch.

Website | Email


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