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ABARA is a Singapore-based luxury handbag brand founded in 2021.

ABARA is conceived as a high-end and artisanal line of handbags that are handmade in the highest-quality leathers, including the finest exotic skins in the world. With focus on designs that are timeless classics, every ABARA handbag is designed as a statement of your individuality, authenticity and style.






Wanderlust + Co

Wanderlust + Co is an independent jewellery label, celebrating 12 years of meaningful designs and jewellery kind to your skin and the planet. Powered with heart and purpose, and inspired by intuition and individuality, the brand’s goal is to design contemporary jewellery for everyone, which serve as positive daily reminders to the wearer.




TAG Espresso

A deluxe coffee concept that incorporates the spirit of expressiveness and high-quality coffee. Taking on the identity to provide consumers the possibility of enjoying quality coffee wherever they are, we inspire the courage and fun of expressing, in coffee drinks and everyday living.

With an impressive product range of unique on-the-go coffee capsules, TAG Espresso stands by standards for quality craftsmanship, lush spaces inspired to make customers feel exceptional, simply through a cup of coffee. Come taste the coffee that you truly deserve.


The newly relocated GUESS store is now entirely dedicated to the GUESS and Marciano Women’s collections, together with a broad selection of accessories, footwear, eye wear, jewelry, and fragrances.

Featuring modular furnishings and natural-effect lighting create a fluid and immersive shopping experience, while also providing plenty of breathing space for the brand’s clothing and merchandise.

This store concept has an updated and larger accessories zone including a “Denim Destination” area with the iconic “Denim is our world” and a denim menu light box that helps shoppers find the perfect fit.



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