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snidel is a renowned and popular ladies fashion brand established in Tokyo, the fashion capital of Asia, in April 2005. snidel is inspired by western street-fashion and integrates casual and dignified features to disclose the youthful and playful attitudes of grown-up ladies. Targeting at smart, competent and trendy young women, snidel perseveres in the pursuit of details as well as cuttings that give prominence to ladies’ alluring body lines with the aim to present quality and exceptional designs to fashion lovers.

With its first store in Singapore open in December 2018, there are over 60 branches worldwide including New York, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.





snidel NTP lightbox poster_SS18_w1975xh1995mm

Fray I.D

FRAY I.D is a notable Japanese fashion brand produces styled design that targets modern office ladies. Based on the concept “Mode for Everyday Life”, FRAY I.D combines elegance and avant-garde to propose a new mode of street fashion for the next generation. Aiming at ladies aged 25-40, who pursues quality and unique design, FRAY I.D persists in superior texture and emphasizes on cuttings that give prominence to ladies’ figures. Many of FRAY I.D’s products are manufactured in Japan and it is definitely a quality assurance.







Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger, the forerunner of ASICS, was born in 1949. The brand began with Kihachiro Onitsuka's commitment to promote youth health through sport and since then, the Onitsuka Tiger stripes became synonymous with premium performance in sport.

The legend lives on today as lifestyle brand in the fusion of Japanese heritage and modern flair. With designs ranging from the spirit of Japan resonates in each new collection of Onitsuka Tiger shoes, apparel and accessories.







Action City Plus


Action City Plus is an Action City Official Store dedicated to providing a one-of-a-kind experience for shoppers, featuring carefully curated Designer-Art Toys.

Action City also collaborate with talented artists, sculptors and designers (both local and international) to develop outstanding collectibles, as well as a contemporary selection of licensed designer-art toys inspired merchandise including apparels, bags and fashion accessories that are limited in availability.