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tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto

Exuding modern elegance and timeless charm, tcc – the connoisseur concerto in Takashimaya S.C. provides the perfect backdrop for moments of pure indulgence. Delight in the extraordinary in every moment, savouring artfully crafted coffee, exquisite culinary masterpieces, impeccable wine pairings and more.









Kenangan Coffee

Kenangan Coffee is the fastest growing grab-and-go coffee chain from Indonesia, founded in 2017. It has over 850 stores in Indonesia, Malaysia, and is now available in Singapore. Offering coffee, tea and food, Kenangan Coffee is known for its Kenangan Blend coffee beans and signature Kenangan Latte.








Gyutan-Tan is the first beef tongue speciality restaurant in Singapore. They offer gyutan cloaked in aromatic char from Binchotan coals. A taste of the thickets and wilderness, paired with the exceptional flavours of gyutan, providing a modern experience accessible to our explorative selves. 

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