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Grand jeté cafe & bar

Located in the heart of world-famous Orchard Road shopping district, Grand jeté cafe & bar serves homemade food and drinks in a casual, and friendly atmosphere. From hearty, wholesome breakfasts and healthy lunches to delicious afternoon snacks and made-to-order dishes, the café’s food is prepared with the freshest ingredients.

Salads, sandwiches, pastries, and soup are all made fresh, and you can choose an accompaniment from a list of beverages that includes various teas and coffees, cold drinks, beers, wines and sake.








La PerlaLa Perla

Founded in 1954 by the talented corsetry maker Ada Masotti, La Perla is the leading Italian lingerie and beachwear maison. Artisanal heritage, knowledge of female body, blend of innovation and tradition and Italian identity are the founding values of the La Perla universe. The company offers collections of ready-to-wear, lingerie, sleepwear, beachwear, loungewear and accessories for women and men who aim at expressing their style with ease and sophistication.

 For more information about La Perla, please visit www.laperla.com.








Established in 2014, SocietyA has since established itself as a serious mover and shaker in the Asian fashion scene.

As a multi-label online and retail fashion brand that features carefully-curated garments, shoes, bags and accessories from leading, and up-and-coming Asian designers and labels, SocietyA exemplifies its vision – “From Asia, for all” – by making its brands more accessible to the global network.

For more information about SocietyA, please visit www.society-a.com










SunnyHills created the shape and recipe of the Iconic Taiwan pineapple cakes, made from ingredients found in the cupboard of a farmhouse kitchen. Pure without additives, this is what sunshine tastes like if it were a cake.

 For more information about SunnyHills, please visit www.sunnyhills.com.tw.